About F K I
Directors Chamber
Would ensure that without compromising on the top of the line service quality that we synonymous with. We would also give you much better deals than any of the competing service industry in India.
Chief Executive Officer
Commitment to serve the appropriate solutions to requisite and critically core segments of industries, leads to an enthusiast or enthralling challenge every time to the efforts.
Asst. Manager H R
The service which makes future for the deserving & desiring jobseekers and suitability to the corporate for their recruitment cycle says- HUMAN RESOURCE. 
Our course of action – “ doing the right things for the right reasons.”
Head Of Department
Administration is the well known prospect for versatile management aspects. For ease of technically certified, medically approved, orientation brief about employment structures up to traveling arrangements.
Chartered Accountant
Financial management and proper evaluation of economy leads to maintaining infrastructural growth with in the organizations.
Legal Advisor
Legal authentication of every execution to secure employment accuracy, proper informatics of Non Resident Indians for the welfare of national society. Makes us liable for government statutory bodies & to our nation too.
Business Development Executive
Development only depends upon the best of the top line services, with in stipulated time frame to conquer satisfaction of reputes. So do we…..
Sales & Marketing Manager
Those which elicit – that's only bright. Marketing and sales division only leads to stabilize us for long, in our clients preferred sequences.
Finance & Facility Manager
Everyone has its own significance, for multiple executions with in short and same time intervals.
Recruitment Coordinator
Excel the productivity for the sort of requisite & multifunctional prospects leads to make us workaholic.
Field Executive
Make the word possible of management virtually as its existence.
Front Office Officer
Services for our clients from its main information service desk from where any relevant information can be obtained round the clock as per requirement.